Downsview Youth Covenant

The Downsview Youth Covenant (DYC) seeks to meet the important need for affirmation of our young people by providing guidance, positive role models and activities that will enhance their lives. DYC was established in 1998 as an outreach ministry of The Church of St. Stephen. It is a not-for-profit corporation managed by a Board of Directors and the Program Director Constance Kendall. They aim to address issues of concern of our youth in the Downsview community by providing guidance, support, education, empowerment and knowledge of matters of justice, peace, service and community. This is done a number of ways. DYC promotes positive relationships between the young and not-so-young alike as well as between themselves by modelling and engaging in various activities that would foster such conduct. DYC runs a weekday Homework Club from 4-6pm where children can get valuable assistance with their school work and also can learn well needed social skills. In addition, DYC runs two camps on an annual basis; one during the March Break and the other aptly named The Noah’s Ark Summer Camp which runs for six weeks from July into August.

St. Stephen’s Saints Café

The St. Stephen’s Saints Café (commonly known as The Saints’ Café) is a lunch program for persons in our community who could benefit from a healthy meal, a place to fellowship and a safe haven. This program is one of our outreach ministries that is dear to us as we attempt to make a difference in the community we serve. The Café runs on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11am – 12:30pm. A number of our parishioners volunteer during this time and of course more are welcome.

The Women & Men of St. Stephen

The Women & Men of St. Stephen strive to fulfill their baptismal covenant by building up one another’s lives in Christ, promote fellowship amongst each other through prayer, worship, service and special projects. They also promote the welfare of the community by assisting in the ongoing development work in the church and wider community. In addition, they support joint activities sponsored by the church at Parochial, Deanery, Area and Diocesan levels; as well as providing a means for communicating information to all in the church. Thank you to these women and men who contribute so much to our church.

Altar Guild

Our Altar Guild team set up and arrange worship items necessary for Holy Communion and other special services in the church. The team decorates the parish for special services and maintain the upkeep of the altar. Their work is very much appreciated, thank you to the team of 12 parishioners; more persons are welcome to join this valuable team.


Each service we are blessed by the musical ministry of our sweet sounding choir. Led by our organists Arlene August and David During, the choir enhances the Word of our Heavenly Father through singing of hymns and the Psalms. The choir practices weekly on Thursdays from 7:30 – 9pm. We also have a Junior Choir under the tutelage of David During, where our young people have blessed our services with their musical talents. God is good!


The role of a server in the church originated from the call of Samuel under the priest Eli (1Samuel 3). A number of our young people have answered this call and are fulfilling many roles that are essential to our worship services; we are grateful for their contribution.


Our Ushers exercise their ministry by welcoming, ushering, assisting, giving a warm smile and being present to serve those who walk through our doors, whether they are parishioners, friends of the parish or visitors. As our Ushers are likely the first persons one would see or meet the intention is to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable and to have persons see and experience the light, warmth and Love of God. The time and service these persons commit to this ministry is invaluable and definitely treasured.

Hospitality Committee

Our Hospitality Committee coordinate a number of the social and fellowship events of the parish.  One of their main functions is to coordinate Coffee Hour after our 10:30 worship services on Sundays. Many thanks to this committee for their service.

Readers & Intercessors

During our worship services there are bible readings and Prayers of the People delivered by this group of these persons. This group comprised of children, youth and adults who bring inspiration to our services sharing God’s Word and praising him through prayer.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is comprised of the Incumbent, Wardens, Deputy Wardens, appointed and elected parish representatives, Lay Members of Synod, Youth Representatives and our Treasurer. This group meets on a monthly basis to conduct the business of the parish. A very important ministry, one where the participants are very much appreciated for their service.

Chalice Bearers

Chalice Bearers serve the consecrated wine during Holy Communion. These persons serve on a rotated schedule in this important ministry.

Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for the maintenance of our parish’s website, Facebook and YouTube pages online. Their mandate is to keep the congregation up to date with all the happenings of the church and to profile the church effectively to hopefully attract new members to our family in Christ.