Tamara Tatham Interview

Tamara Tatham is a professional basketball player born in Brampton, Ontario. She played on Canada’s Olympic Women’s Basketball team and is currently playing pro basketball in Russia. She is a member of the Gold Medal winning teams in 2015 at the FIBA Americas and at the Pan American Games. She is a devout Christian who before every game reads a Bible verse to help prepare herself for the game. She graced us this Sunday with her presence and agreed to be interviewed by two of our youth. Tamara who is a role model for youngsters all over this country answered some very thought provoking questions that our youth were inquisitive about.

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Tamara Tatham Interview


A Presentation On Alzheimer’s Disease

On November 29, 2015 The Church of St. Stephen’s Downsview celebrated the elders in our congregation with Seniors Sunday. It was a way to show our appreciation and give God thanks for the seniors who have laid the foundation for us and continue to be a source of strength, motivation and wisdom for us as well. Their presence and contributions to the life of our church are invaluable and we wanted to express our gratitude to them for all that they do and are to us.

With that, we are also very conscious of the fact that as we get on in age we begin to face more health issues and challenges. So, the service was highlighted by a presentation on Alzheimer’s where a special guest speaker, Esther Atemo, a Public Education Coordinator from The Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto kindly consented to come and share with us on this very important subject. We were quite thankful to her for this presentation and her message to us was well received. This message also tied in quite nicely to the Advent message this week which spoke about ‘being on your guard’, Father Kenute delivered an inspiring meditation on the topic (see Media page).

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St. Stephen’s Youth Career & Business Expo

On September 12, 2015 The Church of St. Stephen Downsview hosted their second Youth Career & Business Expo. The organizers for this event had some guest speakers who came in and shared some important information for our young adults who have some life changing decisions to make in the next little while with respect to furthering their education and career choices. Inspired by a quote from clinical psychologist Dr. Wendy Moral, “It is our job to prepare our children for the road and not prepare the road for our children”; the organizers of this event’s goal is to give our youths the survival skills to take on life challenges and be fulfill their dreams by finding their passion at an early stage in their career development. The event spawned a satisfactory turnout of young adults and parents alike and the overall consensus was that it was an overwhelming success! Special thanks go out to keynote speakers, Tosin Akinwekomi and Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta. In addition, special thank you goes out to four of our young adults who shared their stories which were inspiring to all who were in attendance. Take a bow, organizers of this event led by B. Williams! We look forward to next year’s Expo!

Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta is a Public Speaker, Change Consultant and a Certified John C. Maxwell Leadership Coach & Trainer. She is also the Author of “The Change You Want! Change Your Mindset And Change Your Life!”                    Visit her website: http://www.oliveblue.com